Invite a Candidate

You can invite candidates directly. They will appear in the Candidates section with the label . For each tenant you can specify: Propriety, Candidate Name, Email (to invite your tenant), Phone number, Text for the invitation. The candidates will receive an invitation email with the link to an electronic flyer describing your property. From here they will be able to open their account (or create one) and apply via a dedicated form. Once this is completed, the candidates will appears in your Candidates section with the status .

Sending Invoices

Connected Tenants Connected tenants, with access to Rentila, receive an automatic email notification when a the rent payment is generated in the Finance page (this option can be switched on/off for each Tenancy). The email provides a link to download the rent receipt. When the payment is marked as Paid in the Finance section, you can also click on the Send Invoice action on the right. Rentila will send the email notification with the link for the direct download. Non-connected Tenants To send the rent Invoice to the tenants who are not connected to Rentila, without an email address, or Read more

Create, modify and invite a Tenant

Create a tenant To add a tenant: Click on New Tenant Fill the required fields Click on Save The page displays by default the tenants basic info such as their name, email, contact details etc. You can click on the tab Additional information to display optional fields and complete their profile. Some of this information is used to fill the document templates when you create one. Inviting tenants If you want to give tenants access to their data, enter their email address and send them an invitation to join Rentila. Once they accept the invitation, tenants will be able to Read more


In this page, you can manage your tenant profiles. Here you can: Add a tenant Modify a tenant Delete a tenant Archive a tenant See the tenant Balances You can invite your tenants to join Rentila. They will get access to a special dedicated account where they can view ONLY the following informations: Invoices, Receipts and Due payment notices The landlord contact details The Tenancy details Any documents the landlord decides to share From their account tenants can also: Send Messages Manage Tasks Invited tenants with access to Rentila can be notified via email when a new Invoice/ Receipt is generated. Read more