How to start

Technical requirements

Rentila is compatible with the following browsers: IE8+, Safari, Firefox, Chrome. You need an Internet connection to be able to use Rentila. If one or more pages do not work correctly try the following: Ensure the browser is up-to-date, Empty the browser cache, Try a different browser. Some software installed on your computer (for instance firewalls, anti-viruses, pop-up managers, etc.) can interfere with the normal functioning of Rentila.

How to set up a new Rentila account in 10 steps

Here is a template for setting up a new Rentila account in 10 simple steps. Create a property • Enter information about your property  (address, description, photos, access codes, equipment, etc.). • You can also save certain contracts and certificates related to this property.   Create a tenant • Enter information about your tenants (name, address, phone, email). • You can invite your tenants and give them access to their tenant account.   Create a tenancy • Enter information about the tenancy (contract type, dates, rent amount, security deposit). • You can save documents such as renters’ insurance.   Create Lue lisää

The basics

To start with Rentila you need to: Create a Property Create a Tenant Create a Tenancy Automatic rent receipt For each tenancy, rents and receipts are automatically generated each month in the Finance section. You rarely need to manually add rent. But you will add the expenses as you pay them in order to keep track!