Invoice an expense to your tenant

You have two options to charge expenses to your tenant in Rentila: Using a recoverable expense You can create a expense of the type “recoverable” in Finances. When an expense item is marked as recoverable it gets used used to calculate the tenant’s balance, so when you run a reconciliation of expenses from Tenancies this expense will be charged to the tenant. Add an additional payment on the receipt You can add the expense as an additional item on your invoice. To do this you have to modify the invoice or receipt from the Finance section > Edit and add Read more

Holiday rental invoices

To manage this type of invoices, Rentila helps you with the Bookings section. Production of invoices Invoices are automatically generated in the Finance section for each booking. The invoice will use the data entered in the booking form (description, amount, etc.). Your invoices can be sent via email with Rentila’s messaging system or you can download a PDF and send it your email or even print it and post it. Good to know We recommend our users who do holiday rentals to issue receipts or invoices. This way you provide certainty and look professional. In any case, the guest will Read more

Creating or editing a Booking

The section Bookings is dedicated to the users who do holiday rentals. Create To create a booking, click on the New booking button, follow the instructions, fill the fields and click on Save. Rentila adds automatically the key fields such as reference, duration, amount, type of payment, guest names, etc. You can click on the tab Additional information to display the rest of the form. After you’ve created a booking, Rentila creates automatically an invoice in Finance. Remember you can add multiple clients/ tenants to the same booking. Please note that some information is also automatically reused in your pre-filled Read more


Important The Bookings section is for those who rent their properties for short rentals, typically holiday ones, such as via AirBnB. From here you can manage your bookings and more specifically: add a booking modify a booking add notes record a check-out archive a booking view the documents related to the booking check the payments As for the normal tenancies, for each booking, the invoices are generated automatically in the Finance section. You can filter the booking records by different criteria (landlord or property). You can also export your records using the Export action at the bottom of the page. Read more

Rents, Invoice and Payment Notices

Rent creation For each tenancy, the Payments and the Payment Notices are created automatically in the Finance section each month on the 1st, unless specified otherwise. You can decide to generate them before this date by changing the default tenancy settings. Once you’ve marked a rent as Paid in Finance, the Notice is changed to a Invoice – or a Receipt, depending on what you choose in the tenancy settings (in Tenancies > Edit Tenancy > RECEIPTS tab). In case of Partial payment, the document will change to Invoice / Receipt, once the full payment is completed (or the tenant balance Read more