Invoice an expense to your tenant

You have two options to charge expenses to your tenant in Rentila: Using a recoverable expense You can create a expense of the type “recoverable” in Finances. When an expense item is marked as recoverable it gets used used to calculate the tenant’s balance, so when you run a reconciliation of expenses from Tenancies this expense will be charged to the tenant. Add an additional payment on the receipt You can add the expense as an additional item on your invoice. To do this you have to modify the invoice or receipt from the Finance section > Edit and add Read more

Rents, Invoice and Payment Notices

Rent creation For each tenancy, the Payments and the Payment Notices are created automatically in the Finance section each month on the 1st, unless specified otherwise. You can decide to generate them before this date by changing the default tenancy settings. Once you’ve marked a rent as Paid in Finance, the Notice is changed to a Invoice – or a Receipt, depending on what you choose in the tenancy settings (in Tenancies > Edit Tenancy > RECEIPTS tab). In case of Partial payment, the document will change to Invoice / Receipt, once the full payment is completed (or the tenant balance Read more

Sending Invoices

Connected Tenants Connected tenants, with access to Rentila, receive an automatic email notification when a the rent payment is generated in the Finance page (this option can be switched on/off for each Tenancy). The email provides a link to download the rent receipt. When the payment is marked as Paid in the Finance section, you can also click on the Send Invoice action on the right. Rentila will send the email notification with the link for the direct download. Non-connected Tenants To send the rent Invoice to the tenants who are not connected to Rentila, without an email address, or Read more

Download multiple invoices

If you need to download multiple receipts in one go you will have to: Go to Finance, Check the boxes next to the payments you are interested in, Use the Export button at the bottom of the list. Rentila will generate an archive file (.zip file) with all the selected documents and will send you an email with a link to download it. This operation can take some time, so be patient.

Editing the rent receipts/ invoices

After a rent is generated in Finance you can still add or modify the amounts if needed. When you click on Edit on the right or on Record a payment (to the right of the item, under the column ‘Action’), you will see the Payments fields. For instance you can record items such as council tax, parking, cleaning service, or exceptional payments by adding the required data (description and amount) in these fields. Important !   The additional payments are added to the overall tenant’s Balance. Furthermore, if the overall amount of the payment is more or less than the total Read more