Tenancy deactivated due to account inactivity

Deactivated tenancy If you have not accessed your account for several months, the site will deactivate your tenancies automatically. You can still reactivate them from the Tenancies section with the action button on the right. You can also recreate the payments recreate the payments from the same action menu on the right.

Tenant invoice address

In some cases, the tenant’s invoice address is not the same as that of the rented property. If the address has to be different from that of the rented property, you can set the alternative address from the Tenancy file, in the tab Additional Info, invoice address. You will have to tick the box and fill the tenant’s address.

Creating and editing a tenancy

Create a tenancy To create a tenancy go to the dedicated section with the same name, click the New tenancy button, fill in the required fields, and then click Save. The site displays by default the basic fields such as tenancy type, duration, rent amounts, deposit, tenants … You can click on the Tenancy details tab to view in the rest of contract details. To modify or add more information about the tenancy, use the Edit action button. Please note that you have a number of tabs available to enter data and specify your settings for each tenancy. For each Read more


This page allows you to manage your Tenancies. On this page you can: Add a tenancy Modify a tenancy Record a check-out Disable a tenancy Archive a tenancy Delete a tenancy Tenant bill reconciliation Revise the rent Regenerate payments View related documents View finances As an example, if you have 5 properties rented to 5 different tenants, you will have to create 5 properties, 5 tenants and 5 tenancies. For each tenancy, rents and receipts are generated automatically every 1st of the month (unless you change this setting, e.g. if you choose the date of payment to the 15th of the Read more