Common rent receipt If you are planning to issue one rent receipt for all tenant: Create the tenant profiles in the Tenants section. When you create the tenancy, add them as roommates, one by one. Separate rent receipts Remember that in order to get a rent receipt for each individual tenant, you will have to create a separate Tenancy for each tenant.

Creating and editing a tenancy

Create a tenancy To create a tenancy go to the dedicated section with the same name, click the New tenancy button, fill in the required fields, and then click Save. The site displays by default the basic fields such as tenancy type, duration, rent amounts, deposit, tenants … You can click on the Tenancy details tab to view in the rest of contract details. To modify or add more information about the tenancy, use the Edit action button. Please note that you have a number of tabs available to enter data and specify your settings for each tenancy. For each Read more