Tenant check-out

Check-out tenant

To record the tenant departure, click on the Check-out action on the right. Fill in the required information (date of departure, deposit to be returned, last receipt information, new address …), then click on Save.

Once the departure has been recorded, Rentila deactivates the tenancy and stops generating the invoices. You can then Archive it.

A deposit refund item will be generated in Finance (if the corresponding field was filled in).

If you decide to delete the tenancy, be aware that all related financial transactions will also be deleted.

Last, partial invoice

You can create the last partial rent receipt from the Check-out form.

You can also create or modify the last rent receipt manually from the Finance section.

  • If the rent has already been generated, change the dates and rent amount.
  • If the rent has not yet been generated, create an income of type ‘rent’.

Free accounts holders

To avoid exceeding the limits of the Free account, you can permanently delete the rental by keeping only the financial data.

Check out inventory

The landlord and the tenant will do a check-out inventory at the end of the tenancy.

It is in the landlords’ interest to ensure this is done properly as it is essential to compare the condition of the property at the beginning and at end of the tenancy. This will help them to identify any potential damages. This can be used to settle a dispute between landlords and tenants.

Remember also to add to the inventory all utility meter readings such as  electricity, gas, water, etc.

Take your time to prepare the inventory, take a picture and compare it with the check-in inventory.


At the end of the tenancy, the tenant asks the landlord (or the letting agency) for the deposit, which may not be returned in full in case the tenant owe previous rents or damage to the property of furniture. This should not apply to ‘reasonable wear and tear’.

The deposit should be returned to the tenant within 10 days of agreeing on the amount but this can take longer in case of disagreement. Remember there are normally free dispute resolution services linked to the tenancy deposit protection scheme if the deposit is protected.