Tenant applications management

The Candidates section allows you to optimise the search and management of your prospective tenants.

From this section you can

  • Invite a candidate
  • View a candidate profile
  • Change the status of a candidate’s application (shortlist, confirm or reject)
  • Delete a candidate profile
  • Filter the candidates list with different criteria including Propriety or Landlord

This is a short description on how the application process works in Candidates:

  • You can use the digital flyer of your property (available in the Property section), insert it in an advertisement, or give it directly to your candidates. The flyer must be inpublic mode to be used.
  • Prospective tenants can apply via a form and you will find all the candidates in the Candidates section. In this form, each candidate must enter information on income, guarantors, employment and so on.
  • You can then manage the applications and keep only the ones that interest you. You can Reject, Shortlist or Confirm a candidate.

Once you confirm candidates they are copied directly to the Tenants section, so you won’t have to copy the data.

Rentila helps you save time by screening only the candidates you are interested in.