Tasks and reminders

In  this section you can manage any tasks and reminders, for instance relating to payments, document renewals, tax return deadlines, maintenance, etc.

To create a task, add the following:

  • The property or building it relates to;
  • The due date – if the due date has passed the task will be automatically changed to Overdue.
  • The task owner, that is the person assigned to the task – please note this can be either the landlord or the tenant(s)* and each person will receive a notification when a task is created as well as at the due date;
  • The subject and the message with instructions.

The task can be one-off (due once, at a specific date) or recurrent (each month or year at a certain date).

Each task status can be change to completed by those involved. You can do this by using the round checkbox on the left of the task checkbox. Once the task is completed, it can be reopened if needed.

* Only tenants who are connected and with access to Rentila will be able to receive the notification messages.